What is an Annulment in California?

In California, an annulment is when the court states that an individual’s marriage or domestic partnership is not legally valid. However, the filing individual must prove to the judge that at least one reason for the annulment is true, including prior existing marriage or domestic relationship, age at the time of marriage or domestic relationship, and fraudulent marriage. Filing for an annulment is very different from filing for divorce or legal separation. With the exception to irreconcilable differences, there are many reasons why a marriage or domestic partnership can be considered invalid. When is a Marriage Not Legally Valid? When a married couple consists of close blood relatives, or when either spouse in one marriage is married to another individual, the marriage is not legally valid. Other reasons for a nullity in marriage or domestic partnership, include but are not limited to: Age at the time of the marriage or domestic partnership Prior existing marriage or…

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