What is a Conservatorship?

  By Carmine Perri When we help clients develop their estate plans, one of the advance directives we encourage them to create is a Designation of Conservator. You decide ahead of time who will manage your affairs – and under what certain circumstances – if you become incapacitated. So what is a conservator? A conservator is a person appointed by the Probate Court to oversee the financial and/or personal affairs of an adult who is determined by the Probate Court to be incapable of managing his or her affairs or unable to care for himself or herself. A conservator may also be appointed for the same purpose for a capable person who requests such assistance. A conservator can be a conservator of estate, appointed to oversee the conserved person’s financial affairs, or a conservator of person, appointed to manage his or her health care decisions, or both. There are two types of conservatorships: Voluntary – A capable person may petition the court on his…

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