What if Your Spouse Doesn’t Want to Get Divorced?

Your spouse doesn’t have to right or ability to stop your divorce in North Carolina. You don’t need their permission to get divorced; You just need to meet the other legal requirements. In North Carolina, you must meet the following requirements before you can get divorced: Live separate and apart for a period of one year You or your spouse intends to remain apart indefinitely The issue of fault is not relevant to a divorce, although it can be relevant to certain issues, such as alimony. What to Do If Your Spouse Won’t Cooperate Divorce proceeds more smoothly and efficiently when both parties cooperate. When you can collaborate together, you can resolve the important issues related to your divorce. In particular, you should attempt to come to an agreement on the following issues: Whether alimony will be paid and if so, how much and for how long Division of all marital property between the spouses Child custody (if you have kids) Child support (if you have…

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