What if I Got a Judgment From American Express National Bank in Minnesota Court?

Before filing bankruptcy, Minnesota residents often receive calls and lawyer letters from American Express National Bank. Maybe you too have gotten calls and are wondering who this bank is and why are they asking you for money? If so, you may find the following information very useful. American Express National Bank commonly sues people in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and greater Minnesota to collect on debts.  This can be a surprise, because the loans are often transferred to back to American Express after being with a debt collector for a long time.  Suddenly you can get a summons & complaint or another court letter from a law firm, when it looked like a collector was working with you.  This usually happens when the collector decides to bring a lawsuit and get a judgment.  A civil judgment allows American Express National Bank to collect by garnishment or bank levy. Who is American Express National Bank? As one of the nation’s oldest financial…

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