What Happens if I Am Charged with a Misdemeanor?

While the consequences of a felony conviction are more severe than those of a misdemeanor conviction, any type of criminal conviction can have serious, long-lasting effects on your life. For instance, some misdemeanors carry up to a year of incarceration, as well as high fines; the exact penalties for a particular misdemeanor conviction depend on the classification of the criminal offense at issue. Any criminal conviction will create a criminal history for you, which can impact your ability to pursue certain types of employment in the future. Certain misdemeanor convictions also can impact your ability to obtain housing, get student loans, join the military, receive certain government benefits, and/or have adverse immigration consequences. What Happens if I Am Charged with a Misdemeanor? If you are arrested for any type of criminal offense, you need to remember that your arresting officers, or any officers whom you encounter, will use anything you say or do against you, if…

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