What Happens at Municipal Court?

Facing a criminal charge is never something you should take lightly. Heading to the court to face even a speeding ticket can be intimidating and confusing. What will happen once you get in that courtroom? Will the prosecutor be harsh and the judge even harsher? Can you defend yourself without the presence of an attorney? Or should you have one present with you? It is natural to be anxious when heading to court. That’s why we’re here to give you a breakdown of what to expect when facing a criminal charge. Municipal Court: When You Have a Minor Charge All criminal complaints are filed in Municipal Court. If the charges you’re facing are severe, such as robbery or assault, your case will be transferred to Superior Court. However, if your charge is minor, such as a traffic violation, simple assault, or a building code violation, your court case will be heard in Municipal Court. Although the cases are relatively minor on the Municipal Court level, the penalties of…

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