What Every Floridian Should Know about Asset Protection

Florida has favorable laws that help protect assets from creditors. There are also strategies that an experienced Florida asset protection lawyer uses to protect assets. Without these protections, creditors can seize and sell these assets. With these protections, family members and loved ones can enjoy the assets. Good asset protection doesn’t mean that creditors can’t get judgments. It means that they will have difficulty collecting on those judgments. This difficulty can make it much easier to settle claims. It also provides protection against the seizure/taking of the assets. The Florida Homestead exemption The Florida Constitution provides a strong asset protection method for Florida homeowners. It’s called homestead protection. (Florida Constitution. Article 10, Section 4). Creditors cannot seize exempt homesteads. Homesteads include condominiums, mobile homes, and single-family homes. The home must be the homeowner’s principal and primary…

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