What does it cost to sicken 1,034 – killing 204 – with Listeria-tainted Polony in South Africa?

No amount of money can compensate for the loss of a child or another family member.  I recall the Jensen Farms Listeria outbreak in 2011 that sickened 147, killing over 33 and the impact on the families.  All the deaths were horribly memorable, but I recall two WWII vets who survived years of war only to be killed by a cantaloupe.  Being involved in a lawsuit nearly 10 times the size is sobering. For the 204 dead $265 to $525 Million US – Mortality cases were assigned compensation values of US$1,244,747 and US$2,524,312 per fatality for minimum and maximum human life valuation adjusted for South Africa which was 15% to 80% of U.S. values. The total valuation of mortalities over the 16 months of the outbreak ranged from US$265 million using the low valuation for a fatality to US$525 million using the high valuation. For those who survived – Hospitalization costs associated with one-month recovery from listeriosis were estimated at US$10.4…

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