What DO You Call Someone Who Rides a Scooter?

  Why We Need Scooters! Meredith’s now-classic post on scooters buried within it a crucial question: what do you call someone who rides a scooter? Meredith herself suggested “scooterist” or “scooter-rider.” The hard-working staff here at Legal Planet fiercely debated the issue. I originally thought that the name for someone who rides a “scooter” is…”scooter.” The point is that a scooter scoots, and so does someone who rides it. Julia argued for scootor as a way of differentiating it, but that’s too precious. I asked my Facebook page. No consensus: many insisted on “scooterer,” and that is possible. Yet another pointed out that “scooterist” is in fact in the dictionary, but it’s not in the OED, so it is still open. Perhaps the best comment came, as it does so often, from our friend Will Schroeer, one of the leading smart growth advocates in the country. Will is the…

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