What Congress Should Ask Mark Zuckerberg

Since 2004, Facebook has shaped online social interactions around the world. With 2 billion users worldwide, it wields tremendous power over our civic engagement, our day to day routines and habits, and even over our moods and sentiments. In the process, the company’s mostly opaque data practices have become a flashpoint for debates about privacy in the digital age. Facebook has acknowledged that it permitted a quiz application developed by researcher Aleksandr Kogan, and used by roughly 270,000 people, to acquire information from upwards of 80 million users. This information was then given to Cambridge Analytica and used for political profiling during the 2016 presidential election. While shocking to the public, this was not news to Facebook. The company became aware of Kogan and Cambridge Analytica’s violations of its data sharing policies in 2015 and obtained assurances from both that user data had been deleted. It had not been. Three weeks ago, and three years…

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