What Are Georgia’s Sex Offender Registration Laws?

Georgia gained a reputation for enacting some of strictest sex offender registration laws in the country. However, an amendment in 2010 changed some of the key requirements. An article in The Daily Caller noted the state had uncompromising laws related to sexual offenders over eight years ago. However, civil liberties groups challenged Georgia’s old law before it came into effect. Before 2010, the law stated all registered sex offenders were banned from living within 1,000 feet of schools, parks and many other places where children gather. The strictness of the law caused problems for offenders and meant they were driven out of the state. The Daily Caller article stated a tent city of homeless sex offenders sprung up behind a suburban office park on one occasion. Georgia’s sex offender registration laws are complicated Georgia’s law ran into legal trouble because it cast the net too wide. The law targeted sex offenders who committed their crimes years before…

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