What Are an Executor’s Duties in California?

In California, an executor of a deceased person’s estate has quite a few duties imposed by law that he or she needs to follow. Executors may learn for the first time that they must perform these duties after their relative or friend has passed away. If you are named as an executor in a will or if you plan to name someone else, learn about what executors do first. An executor is a person named in a deceased person’s will who gathers and distributes the estate. To officially act as executor, you must be appointed by a court. This happens in a probate court, and the court’s task is called “probating a will”. If there is no executor named or no will, the court may appoint an administrator to perform the same tasks. Executors and administrators owe fiduciary duties to the estate heirs or beneficiaries. They must act in the heirs’ best interest and avoid conflicts of interest. After the court appoints an executor, the judge will ask him or her to…

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