What Age Should You Start Making an Estate Plan?

There is no set age that you should begin making an estate plan. As soon as you turn 18, there are some legal documents that could be valuable if you become incapacitated. Other documents may not be needed until you are much older. You may have even engaged in some estate planning without realizing it. Depending on your age and life situation, you may have different priorities in your estate plan, and other aspects that can be put aside for a while. Everyone Can Benefit From Incapacitation Planning  A young adult who is childless and has few assets may not think that they need an estate plan. However, every adult who is 18 or older can benefit from doing some incapacitation planning. If you are injured in an accident or become seriously ill, incapacitation planning can help your loved ones manage your finances and have input regarding your medical treatment. Accidents can happen to anyone at any age, so it’s never too early to plan for these situations. A durable…

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