What a load of old Dobbin

It’s panto season again I see : Middle-class couples are increasingly falling out over who gets the HORSE in bitter divorce battles The Daily Mail come trotting in with the simply MASSIVE news that 6% of the people instructing one firm of solicitors ‘ave an ‘oss. It’s a shame they fail to capitalise on the pun-potential about how often this phenomenon CROPS up, and how often husbands are SADDLED with the costs of supporting their old NAGS. But HAY….I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, I reckon I can recycle this and make it into a post of my own. I really can’t tell you how much of a non-thing this piece is. It’s not even a clothes horse. “Up to one in 15 break-ups among better-off couples involves a dispute over who keeps the mount, an analysis found.” OOH. An ANALYSIS!!! The astute amongst you (give yourselves a sugar lump) will have noticed that the firm of solicitors (who happen to be benefitting from a…

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