Wharton – How Compassion Can Make You More Successful

Knowledge@Wharton – David DeSteno, Northeastern University psychology professor: “A couple years ago, Google’s HR department … [was] trying to figure out which teams were most successful. And their prediction going in was technical expertise [would be the key attribute for success]. But what they found is that the teams that actually had the most success … had a culture of empathy and compassion for each other.… It’s very rare that one person has all the skills. And so they have to be willing to support each other, to help each other, and it was a big determinate in success. Work by Wharton [professor] Adam Grant on these emotions shows the same thing. He did work with Francesca Gino [and] they looked at people who were working in call centers. … What they found is that when the managers actually showed gratitude for these people’s work, their efforts at trying to garner money — it was a development…

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