Well-being toolkit is a helpful guide for lawyers and law students

Anne Brafford, JD and editor-in-chief of Path to Lawyer Well-Being: Practical Recommendations for Positive Change, has developed a Well-Being Tool Kit for the Legal Profession, available here. This free, practical toolkit offers many helpful resources for lawyers and law students seeking to improve their sense of well-being. The healthy mind section includes basic information on strategies to build resilience and reduce feelings of being overwhelmed.  Ideas include mindfulness, managing negative thoughts and using stress in a positive way. Tips on how to cultivate a positive stress mindset are also offered. The healthy body section discusses the link between physical activity and emotional well-being. Studies show aerobic activity and resistance training have psychological benefits. More physical activity can boost happiness, and even one hour of exercise a week can help reduce or hold back depression. The author suggests we get outdoors and consider adding in yoga, which…

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