Welcome to 2018 With New Employment and Labour Law Rules and Obligations Across Canada

Welcome to 2018 and a load of new employment and labour law rules and obligations across Canada. As most of you already know, a number of new or amended laws and regulations came into effect on January 1 or will come into force later in 2018 across Canada, including marijuana legalization and higher minimum wages in Ontario, Alberta and other jurisdictions. Here is a brief reminder of the new or amended rules you need to be aware of and implement to ensure compliance. Federal/National (applicable across all jurisdictions) 1. Legalization of recreational marijuana The federal government intends to legalize recreational marijuana (Bill C-45, Cannabis Act), effective July 2018. Most provinces and territories are in the process of implementing legislation to regulate the sale, possession and use of marijuana in their specific region. Federal Bill C-45 passed third reading in the House of Commons and received first reading in the Senate as of November 28, 2017, and is undergoing…

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