Was Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied?

For many workers on the job throughout New Jersey, it is automatically assumed that if you put in a workers’ compensation claim, your claim will be accepted. According to your thinking, you will be compensated for your time off and your medical bills will be taken care of. While this is how the process should work, it’s not always the case. Workers’ compensation insurers scrutinize the injured party more than care about the person’s actual injuries. They look for any opportunity to deny a claim and save themselves money. If the cause of your work-related injury is traced to another source or argued that it’s not that serious, your claim can be denied. A workers’ comp denial can be devastating for any employee already suffering from an injury, not to mention the financial burdens of time off from work. It is important for New Jersey workers who were injured on the job to know their rights when faced with a workers’ comp denial. Taking…

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