Warning Signs that Your Small Business May Need to File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Starting a business is a difficult and trying endeavor. The American Bankruptcy Institute reported that over 24,000 businesses filed for bankruptcy in 2016. That is no surprise considering around 45 percent of companies do not make it to their fourth year of business. However, bankruptcy is not the end of a small businesses, and filing can actually have benefits. Here are some of signs that you may need to consider filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy for your business: You are Experiencing a Cash Flow Crisis If you are having a bad month or quarter, then you may be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are ways to cut expenses to help create more cash flow. But if several clients are paying late, you are several payments behind with suppliers or facing creditor collection actions, then you may want to consider bankruptcy as a solution. Your Personal Assets are at Risk If you signed a personal guarantee in order to get financing for your small business, you may need…

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