Wal-Mart to Pay Employee $750,000 in Moral & Punitive Damages

While employers in Ontario have a right to terminate their employees, there is also a requirement that the termination is done in good faith. If employees are treated poorly by their employer during the course of their termination, there can be serious financial penalties for the offending employer. In the recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision of Galea v. Wal-Mart Canada Corp., 2017 ONSC 245, the Court awarded a combined $750,000.00 for moral and punitive damages. This award of damages is one of the highest in this area of law in Canada. Background Ms. Galea was hired by Wal-Mart in August, 2002 as a District Manager-in-Training. Over the course of her employment, Ms. Galea received numerous promotions and was considered a valued employee. In 2005, she was required to sign a non-competition agreement when she was promoted to General Merchandise Manager. The non-competition agreement prevented her from working for other mass retailers for 2 years after her…

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