VPNs for the Technologically Uninclined

Connecting to public Wi-Fi networks is a risky practice that many carry out on a near-daily basis. The risk is even more elevated for lawyers, who probably have sensitive client information on their computers or mobile devices. What Are the Risks? The worst-case scenario when using public Wi-Fi is that anyone with the wherewithal can intercept the information you send while using that connection. This includes what websites you access, what you do on those websites, and any passwords you use to log in. If you aren’t using a security or anti-malware product, your risk is even greater. Using an encrypted public Wi-Fi network is a step up, but not a huge one. Even if the Wi-Fi at Starbucks is password-protected, what’s the likelihood that the encryption is strong, or that the password is changed regularly? It’s probably not great. Especially for lawyers, who carry a higher risk set than average users, it’s best to err on the side of caution when it comes to…

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