Video Game Developer Says He Won't Send a Takedown of a Bad Review, Does So Anyway

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we get into a Twitter fight with someone who gave our video game a bad review on YouTube. And when we say that we would never send a DMCA takedown for it. And when one mysteriously turns up anyway. This is one of the most confusing series of events ever to surround a takedown. First, Richard La Ruina, a man who claims to be a top pickup artist, created a somewhat controversial dating game called Super Seducer. Then, YouTuber IAmPattyJack (also known as Chris Hodgkinson) covered the game in his “_____ Is the Worst Game Ever” series. La Ruina took poorly to the bad review Hodgkinson gave Super Seducer and showed up in the video’s comments when it only had about 100 views. Hodgkinson and La Ruina then got into it on Twitter, which did eventually resolve itself into La Ruina acknowledging that giving a review copy to someone who does a “Worst Game Ever” series was perhaps not the smartest move.  …

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