Vibrio in Crabs is Making Marylanders More than Just Crabby

By: Samantha Cooper Fresh crab meat imported from Venezuela has been associated with several confirmed cases of severe bacterial illness known as Vibrio in the State of Maryland today. Crab meat found in plastic tubs can be found in many retail locations, but those residing in Maryland have been warned by the state’s health department to beware. How Did People Get Sick?  Those who have become ill were exposed to Vibrio both in their households and by eating at restaurants. Those who became ill ate dishes like crab cakes – a staple in the diet of many Marylanders. Seafood salad and Crab Benedict dishes have also been affected by those choosing to use the packaged fresh crab meat. The crab meat that is in question was unpasteurized. The Outbreak Info So far, 9 cases have been reported in the State of Maryland, leading to 2 hospitalizations. There have not yet been reports of necrosis fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria), which is a long-term potential…

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