Version 5 of DeskWork Corporate Portal Released, Announces Softline

SEPTEMBER 30, 2011 – Softline announces the release of the 5th version of DeskWork (, a unique corporate portal with a user-friendly interface providing a convenient, affordable and easy to implement solution designed for optimization of business processes and facilitation of internal corporate communications. The new version features advanced modules for video conferencing, tools to improve document workflows, as well as the ability to create internal requisitions for custom multi-stage approval processes.

“In the new version of DeskWork, we have greatly expanded the functionality of our product. Constantly studying our customers’ feedback and needs allowed us to improve our solution and develop new desirable features. In version 5 of the DeskWork portal, we have added a customer’s own video conferencing module and the most anticipated document coordination module, which allows a custom multi-stage approval scheme,” says Valentin Kudryavtsev, Director of Software Development and DeskWork Portal at Softline.

The DeskWork Video conferencing module now allows users to schedule their conference calendars, send invitations, and alert participants via email using the iCalendar conference format. Customers can conduct multiple independent conferences with up to 500 participants and up to 16 speakers. This module also supports public and private conferences featuring online presentations, chat, and voting.

A completely redesigned internal corporate requisition system provides more options for interface customization and alignment, allowing users to create multiple routes with any number of document approvals.

Even those users who do not have programming skills can utilize DeskWork’s work process optimization module to create and customize document workflows within the required chain, while systems administrators can automate business processes of any complexity. The new module also allows users to create fixed routes in the document approval process.

According to Svetlana Hapankova, the Head of Marketing Projects and Advertising at Softline. “It is important to note that now DeskWork can be used not only for managing and automation of business processes and workflows, but also serves as a complete solution for a company’s business communication. In fact, the product has it all: from voice and SMS notifications to video conferencing, allowing participation of an impressive number of simultaneous attendees and speakers.” She concludes, “In my opinion, DeskWork ideally meets all the requirements of today’s dynamic organization. And what is particularly important is the fact that you do not need additional time and resources for training employees on various software products because everything that you would require for your business can be found in DeskWork corporate portal.”

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