Vehicular Homicide in Tennessee

If one has perused many of this site's recent blogs, it should be clear by now that Tennessee law provides for several different types of homicide offenses addressing several different types of conduct that may take or endanger the lives of others. One type that has been heretofore unaddressed is the offense of vehicular homicide, which as T.C.A. 39-13-212 describes is homicide caused by the operation of some sort of vehicle (automobile, airplane, motorboat, or any other motor vehicle) as the proximate cause of one of three types of conduct: (a) Vehicular homicide is the reckless killing of another by the operation of an automobile, airplane, motorboat or other vehicle, as the proximate result of: (1) conduct creating a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury to a person; (2) the driver's intoxication, as set forth in §55-10-401. For the purposes of this section, intoxication includes alcohol intoxication as defined by §55-10-408, drug intoxication, or both; or (3) As the proximate result of conduct constituting the offense of drag racing as prohibited by Title 55, chapter 10, part 5.

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