VA Reneges on Student Repayments

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on November 27 informed Congress it will not follow through on a recent promise to repay student veterans who were underpaid their GI Bill benefits. The announcement, first reported by NBC News, runs counter to the VA’s recent promise to make good on delayed or omitted payments to student veterans. The VA blamed a computer software issue for underpayment of GI Bill benefits to thousands of veterans across the nation. In some cases, student veterans did not receive any of their benefits. Others saw reduced amounts, and a few received increased payment amounts due to the software issue. Michigan has more than 100,000 veterans, many of whom use the GI Bill to improve their lives. The state also has one of the nation’s best higher education systems. Yet, many veterans in Michigan and across the nation saw their housing allowance and other benefits payments delayed by up to several months. Many veterans and their families who…

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