Using Auto-Correct Settings to Prevent Common Errors

Many of us have trouble remembering how to spell certain words and acronyms. For example, I have to consciously think about how to spell marriage. That “ia” is always trying to trip me up. There are other words, too, some more commonly misspelled than others. Then there are words that my fingers just type out of order when I’m trying to fly through a brief. But today isn’t about learning how to spell better. It’s about making your life easier by using auto-correct settings in your word processor to fix your common mistakes. Recognizing Your Mistakes Perhaps one of the most avoidable mistakes I see made by lawyers and paralegals is misspelling the acronym for the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Too commonly, I see it written as HIPPA, and sometimes I see it both ways within the same document. I tweeted about this specific problem a while ago. The responses from a half-dozen folks confirmed that I’m not the only…

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