USCIS Releases Improvements to E-Verify System

After gathering feedback and extensive testing, USCIS has unveiled an updated and modernized E-Verify system to improve the user experience, efficiency, and reduce errors. Enhanced features include: Expanded helper text and visuals; Real-time feedback on errors; Auto-scroll feature that takes the user to the next section; Streamlined case creation and case closure; Modernization to reduce Tentative Nonconfirmations (TNCs) A personalized “Are You Sure?” alert; Combined DHS and SSA TNCs; and Improved photo-matching features with the option to using photos from mobile devices. The enhancements can be found on the E-Verify Enhancements April 2018 webpage. The expansion of E-Verify is an important feature of President Donald Trump’s overall immigration plan. It is one of the changes that he believes would help to eliminate the jobs magnet that brings illegal workers to the United States and ultimately harms U.S. workers. In his proposed budget, Trump requested $23…

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