US starts small with ‘smart walls’ to protect Mexican border – Anchorage Daily News

SAN DIEGO — Deep in the Otay Mountain Wilderness, there is no wall. The only boundary between the U.S. and Mexico is a section of barbed-wire fence in a pastoral valley. And miles and miles of treacherous terrain. It's a territory crisscrossed with steep trails that disappear into tunnels of thick brush, a place looped by violently rutted roads that Border Patrol agents drive daily. Land like this is not a likely candidate for President Donald Trump's "big, beautiful wall." But it is fertile for an invisible kind of fence, one built of artificial intelligence, radar, drones, sensors, motion-activated cameras and even lidar, the technology used in self-driving vehicles. via East County! In the news! This rugged country is southeast of where I live and while it's not the Idaho wilderness, it's pretty cool. Years ago I was hiking about and was followed by a border patrol helicopter, a strange feeling. When I say…

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