US indicts North Korean agents for WannaCry, Sony attacks

Actor Randall Park playing Kim Jong-Un in the Sony Pictures movie The Interview—a movie hackers didn't leak. (credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment) In a presentation planned for noon Eastern time today, the Justice Department will announce the indictment of North Korean agents for both the theft of data and "wiper" attack on Sony Pictures in 2014 and the worldwide "WannaCry" malware attack of May, 2017. The indictments, reported by ABC News and the Washington Post, are the first direct charges against individuals associated with the North Korean government. One of the individuals, identified by the Post as Pak Jin Hyok, conducted the Sony Pictures attack under orders from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's clandestine military intelligence agency, the Reconnaissance General Bureau, the indictment alleges. The RGB is the agency that oversees Bureau 121, North Korea's cyber warfare agency. Pak is alleged to be linked to the…

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