Urban Health Education and Leadership Project (UHELP) Launches a Culturally Accurate Lifestyle Guide

CHICAGO, IL – UHELP, the Urban Health & Leadership Project, is distributing a Lifestyle guide to people of color throughout the U.S. that will assist them to live healthier lives all year long. UHELP teamed up with BlackDoctor.org, the nation’s leading online health resource for African Americans, to create a lifestyle guide focusing, in part, on solutions for patient access to healthcare. The mainstay of the lifestyle guide will be culturally-accurate healthcare information.

“UHELP’s mission is to eliminate health disparities for people of color through education, technology, community services, and advocacy,” says UHELP CEO Michelle Skinner. Skinner goes on to mention that UHELP will accomplish its mission by providing resources to grassroots organizations all across the nation. “UHELP recognizes there are people, organizations, and communities already fighting the good fight against health disparities, but some just need help. That’s where UHELP steps up and steps in. Our first priority is our culturally-accurate, healthy lifestyle guide.”

UHELP is a Chicago-based non-profit that seeks to become a leading resource to grass roots organizations around the country by utilizing culturally-relevant tools and services to increase awareness and educate minorities on how to live healthier, happier lives. Community partnerships are a part of UHELP’s strategy to help organizations grappling with survival in this environment of funding cuts and reduced service. Leveraging resources and pursuing common objectives together can strengthen the positions of all groups involved over time. As a non-profit organization, UHELP seeks to partner with corporate entities, small businesses, community leaders, and funding sources to address the health disparities people of color face in many areas, including cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS. UHELP staffers focus on fulfilling a consistent need throughout underserved communities: culturally-accurate information and resources. UHELP is currently looking for partners who can assist with UHELP’s goal of producing and distributing 250,000 culturally-accurate, healthy lifestyle guides. Those interested in becoming a UHELP partner can visit UHELP’s website, UHELPonline.org, for all contact information.

“We will serve the underserved,” announces Skinner. “We’re here to not only bridge the gap in access to accurate health information and resources, but to also change lives.”

About BlackDoctor.org
Chicago-based BlackDoctor.org (http://BlackDoctor.org) is the leading resource for African-American health, nutrition and weight loss. With over 500 different health channels on its website, BlackDoctor.org stands alone as the most comprehensive online health resource for African Americans. BlackDoctor.org delivers: the BDO Health Library, Find-A-Doctor Search Tool, BDO Symptom Checker, culturally-accurate health news, condition-specific newsletters and community blogs.

UHELP (http://uhelponline.org) is a non-profit organization designed to assist grass roots organizations in eliminating health disparities around the country by utilizing culturally relevant tools and services to increase awareness and educate minorities on how to live healthier, happier lives. For more information, please visit http://UHELPonline.org

For Immediate Release
Date: October 31, 2011
Location: Chicago, IL
Contact: Derrick Lane, Marketing Director, BlackDoctor.org
Phone: 312-222-1205
Fax: 312-222-1290
Web Address: http://UHELPonline.org

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