Understanding the Government Agencies Involved in Michigan Divorces

Divorcing couples with minor children will quickly become familiar with multiple government agencies, including: The Family Division of the circuit court in the county where the divorce is filed; The Friend of the Court (FOC) office in that county; and The Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU). These three government units each play an important role in ensuring that Michigan children of unmarried/divorced parents receive the best possible care and financial support. Consider the following simple overview to help you understand the role that these agencies will play during and after your divorce. The Family Division of the Local Circuit Court Michigan has 57 circuit courts covering its 83 counties. Circuit courts are typically located in county courthouses. The Family Division of the circuit court was created by state statute in 1996. Family Division judges handle all cases involving divorce, paternity, adoptions, and other matters of family law. This is where you will…

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