Understanding Sources of Asbestos Exposure

As we know that asbestos exposure poses a serious threat to our health by causing severe respiratory disorders such as asbestosis, pleural plaques, mesothelioma, and lung cancer, understanding more about the sources of this kind of exposure is quite helpful. – By Treven Pyles Asbestos exposure is said to have occurred when you have inhaled asbestos fibers on a daily basis and got these fibers entrapped in your lungs eventually. The worksite is the most common place where you might be exposed to asbestos, but, it is also common in the military and at public buildings or even older homes. Most of the public buildings and homes that were constructed prior to 1980 may contain products made up of asbestos. Case EvaluationAsbestos Screening Where Exactly Does Asbestos Exposure Occur? Generally, asbestos exposure can occur if you have worked in the US military or certain occupations used asbestos-containing products lived close to job sites or environment contaminated…

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