Undercover Investigation Reveals Car Accident Claim Frauds

In the UK, there is a lot of news coverage about unscrupulous claims management companies exercising bad practice and contributing to the large insurance premiums for the country. Also notable is the fact that Britain has been dubbed with the title, ‘whiplash capital of Europe’. It should be said that there is a great deal of good work which happens in the claims management sector. For this reason it’s particularly pleasing to legitimate claims companies to see when one of the fraudsters are busted, especially in a public fashion. Recently, an undercover investigation launched by the BBC has shut down a claims management company who were found to be not only handling the car accident compensation claims, but also creating the car accidents themselves.

An undercover investigator for the BBC went to meet with the claims consultant for the company Speed Claims, Zeeshan Ahmad. The first time the undercover investigator met with Ahmad, he was happy to openly explain how the system works. Little did he know that there was undercover surveillance equipment recording him and his voice. Ahmad asked the undercover investigator to bring the car to him and then they would “just do the job on it”. When he was asked whether he actually made the car accident happen, Ahmad replied “yeah”.

During the secret filming, Ahmad revealed that there was additional funds to be made by falsely claiming compensation for additional aspects of a car accident. He stated that the investigator would get the full value of the car and that he would pretend there was passengers present in order to get additional money for personal injuries. He stated that the “going rate” would be around £2,000. In addition to using undercover surveillance equipment, the investigator had set up a false insurance policy with an auto insurance company which suffered from such incidences. The company monitored Ahmad and his movements around the car accident compensation claim.

The BBC investigator was coached by the claims company on what time to call the insurance company on the day the so-called ‘accident’ was supposed to have taken place and was even warned to make sure not to call too early before the car accident happened. After monitoring the insurance policy, around two weeks later a claim came in from the supposed driver stating that he was claiming for whiplash injuries for the passengers, himself and also for car hire costs. Not surprisingly, when it came Ahmad’s attention that he had been rumbled he was not keen to appear for an interview with the BBC investigator. Charges for the fraudulent car accident claims company have yet to be processed.

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