unauthorized use of model's photo for strip club wasn't false advertising or endorsement

Edmondson v. 2001 Live, Inc., 2019 WL 670201, No. 16-cv-03243-T-17AEP (M.D. Fla. Jan. 15, 2019)Edmondson, a model and public figure, sued for the alleged commercial misappropriation of her image used on 2001 Live’s social media account promoting its “gentleman’s” club’s live feed of the stage and dressing room. Edmondson has appeared in various magazines and reality TV episodes, served as “Playmate of the Month,” and signed as an official model for swimwear and sports companies. She had 1.6 million Instagram followers, over 41,000 Facebook likes, and over 201,000 Twitter followers.  Defendants used a photo of her with the text: Cyber-Monday was here, and we got a little sick of all the “check out this 1//2 price gadget” posts! We want to give someone something, specifically a FREE 30-day subscription to http://www.2001live.com! All we need is at least 20 likes for this post by tomorrow morning!Defendants had outside…

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