UK Government guidance on Unitary Patent system in case there is no Brexit deal

Kluwer Patent bloggerThe UK Government issued guidance today on patent issues to allow businesses and citizens to understand what to do in a ‘no Brexit deal’ scenario. The so-called Technical Notice includes information about the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court, and explains that it is unclear whether the UP system will start before the Brexit date of 29 March 2019, ’with the start date being dependent on ratification of the Unified Patent Court Agreement by Germany’. This means, according to the notice, that ‘there are two different scenarios for the Unified Patent Court: The Unified Patent Court does not come into force. The UK has ratified the Unified Patent Court Agreement but ratification by Germany is still outstanding. If the Unified Patent Court is never fully ratified, the domestic legislation to bring it into force will never take effect in the UK. In this scenario, there will be no changes for UK and EU businesses at…

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