Ugly Dispute Between Mother and Daughter Righfully Astounds Court

2 Some family disputes between warring spouses can be terribly nasty but they take a backseat to the ugliness of the case of Jafar-Gholizadeh v. Larijani 2018 BCSC 279 which shows the worst of an adult daughter pitted against her long-suffering mother over the purchase of a home. Mother Nasrin Jafar-Gholizadeh, age 58 at the time of the dispute, had three children: Samaneh, age 36; Honey, age 33; and Keon, age 26. In 2002, the family operated a hookah lounge/tea house business where the spouses worked. Samaneh was on her own and in university at the time the business commenced but moved back into the family’s rental premises in 2003. By 2007 she had a university degree and was employed. She loaned her mother and father $10,000 and they purchased a condominium, a debt that was quickly repaid to her. In 2008 Samaneh’s parents separated. The children including Samaneh remained with their mother. Nasrin purchased her husband’s interest in the hookah lounge…

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