Uber Lawsuit Shows How Crime Victims Can Obtain Damages for Their Injuries

We’ve written in the past about how criminal acts can not only lead to criminal punishment, but crime victims may have avenues to sue in civil court for the injuries they sustain. Ride sharing giant Uber’s recent legal problems are a good example of just this situation. Uber Sued Over Failure to Warn Uber is being sued after three women allege that they were raped by people posing as Uber drivers. The lawsuit alleges that it was known that there were fake drivers in the neighborhood who were targeting young women. Despite this knowledge, the suit alleges that Uber did nothing, including failing to put out any type of public announcement alerting potential Uber users to the threat. Part of the reason is alleged to be because of Uber’s concern about damaging its reputation, and to keep from deterring potential riders. The lawsuit also alleges that Uber makes it too easy for fake drivers to target prey, including providing the ability to download the Uber emblem…

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