U.S. Copyright Office, Section 512 Study Roundtable

Opening RemarksKaryn A. Temple, Register of Copyrights and Director, U.S. Copyright OfficeNat’l and int’l changes since 2016 roundtable—looking for updates.  [Congrats on her first official event as Register!]  Tale of two cities: very different perspectives on how DMCA is working/not working—have those perspectives changed on the voluntary or caselaw or int’l side?  CO: Regan Smith, general counselBrad GreenbergKevin AmerKimberly IsbellMaria StrongSESSION 1: Domestic Developments           Erich C. Carey National Music Publishers' Association: BMG v. Cox is important: opportunity for successful importance of plain language where service enabled repeat infringement on massive scale. But music community hasn’t changed its mind about DMCA: that was an extreme situation with millions of notices sent and $8 million in fees. Not feasible for enforcement—heavy burden for…

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