Two public policy reversals, last chance agreements, and call out pay

Minn. court overturns award reinstating police officer accused of failing to report use of forceThe Minnesota Court of Appeals has refused to uphold an arbitrator's award reinstating a police officer who was dismissed for alleged use of excessive force and for failure to properly report the use of force. City of Richfield, v. Law Enforcement Labor Services, Inc..  The officer had responded to a report of a number of people driving erratically. During the course of his investigation grievant pushed one of the individuals he was speaking with and hit him in the back of his head. He did not file an incident report concerning his use of force. After a video of the incident appeared on Twitter, the department began an investigation and ultimately dismissed the officer both for his use of force and his failure to report that use of force. The matter was submitted to Arbitrator Charlotte Neigh who issued an award finding that force grievant used was not…

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