Two Northern California Doctors Face Sentencing in April 2018 After Being Convicted by Jury of Health Care Fraud After 8 Week Trial for Billing for Unperformed Services, Unseen Patients and Other False Billing Statements

Years ago, health care fraud cases would only be brought in extreme cases for ghost billing or outrageous conduct. We are seeing cases involving upcoding the office visit, not adding a physician to the group or not dropping the physician to the group, and for exaggerating conditions. A recent case seems to fit in that profile.  Two physicians who went to trial and were convicted of some counts are awaiting sentencing. Dr. Vilasini Ganesh, a family practice physician and head of Campbell Medical Group, was convicted of 10 health care fraud and false statements relating to health care matters and Dr. Gregory Belcher (an orthopedic surgeon) was convicted of one count of making false statements relating to health care matters. Both were acquitted of some counts. There was an 8 week trial before the Honorable Lucy H. Koh, U.S. District Court Judge, and sentencing is now set for April 4, 2018 before the same judge.The government contended that the evidence at trial…

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