Trump's China Trade War Is Just the Beginning | The Weekly Standard

The real battle will come when America decides not to allow China to dominate the industries of the future by flaunting the rules that have governed the international trading system since the end of World War II. Xi's "Made in China 2025" plan calls for subsidizing firms in industries of the future with cash and cheap bank credit; forces U.S. firms to turn their intellectual property over as the price of doing business in China; pushes state-owned or dominated companies to acquire technology-rich American companies; and steals American IP valued at as much as $600 billion every year. Those tactics, unopposed, can easily reduce America to second-class status in the next decade. Give Trump credit: He knows that. For him the tariff fight is merely a warm-up to the main event. If he can re-order our entire relationship with China in this round, he will. If not, round two, or another duel, or whatever metaphor suits you, will be the one to watch. via…

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