Trump signs bill to shut down websites that facilitate prostitution

Enlarge / President Donald Trump, before signing the "Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act" at the White House. (credit: Getty Images | Chris Kleponis) President Donald Trump today signed the controversial FOSTA/SESTA bill into law, paving the way for more law enforcement actions against websites that facilitate prostitution. Websites started shutting down sex-work forums even before Trump signed the bill. Craigslist removed its "Personals" section, Reddit removed some sex-related subreddits, and the Erotic Review blocked any user who appears to be visiting the website from the United States. The bill becoming law will likely lead to more "voluntary" site shutdowns or law enforcement actions against sites that continue to be used for prostitution. The White House said the action "makes it a Federal crime to own, manage, or operate a website with the intent to promote or facilitate prostitution."…

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