Trucking Companies Refuse to Adopt Life-Saving Side Guards

Even among deadly trucking crashes, some types are more severe than others. One of the most dangerous and potentially fatal types of crashes is called a side underride crash.  Simple devices called side guards could prevent these horrific wrecks, but few trucks in the United States have them installed. Read on to learn more about this issue and find out what trucking safety advocates are doing about it.  What Is a Side Underride Crash?  When a typical passenger car collides with the side of a tractor-trailer, the car can get swept into the empty space underneath the trailer. This type of wreck is called a side underride crash, and it’s one of the deadliest situations that a driver can find themselves in on the road.  During a side underride crash, the bottom of the trailer can shear the top of the car off completely, and the car is also in danger of…

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