Truck Crash On I-75 Due To Smaller Vehicle Changing Lanes

In 2015, of the reported 415,000 crashes involving large trucks, only 1% or 3,598 were fatal. The majority of the fatal crashes involving big trucks were on rural roads or highways and thirty-five percent of fatal crashes occurred at night. The vast majority of crashes with a big truck take place throughout the week on Monday through Friday. These statistics, while frightening, should not take away from the fact that large truck drivers receive some of the most training of motorists on the road. Accidents still can happen. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reports on an accident involving a tractor-trailer on I-75. An early morning crash in Marietta had traffic backed up to before I-285 and blocked several lanes to Delk Road in Marietta on Tuesday. The crash happened at about 6:15 a.m. when a white Honda Civic traveling north on the interstate tried to change lanes. Instead, the Honda struck a tractor-trailer. The Honda began to spin counter clockwise before bouncing off…

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