Trends in Michigan Divorce, Child Custody, and Child Support

When working through a divorce, it is common to feel lonely and wonder how you will cope on your own. Moreover, if you have children to care for, worrying about how you will manage the new complexities of divided childcare costs and parenting time is natural. While every family’s situation is unique, stepping back and looking at statewide outcomes and trends can provide a helpful perspective.  Michigan Marriage and Divorce Numbers If you are going through a divorce this year, you are definitely not alone. Out of Michigan’s 10 million people, there are about 60,000 marriages per year and 30,000 divorces. This rate of about one divorce for every two new marriages has been steady for over 20 years.  Trends in Custody and Parenting Arrangements in Michigan There are two types of child custody: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody is held by the parent(s) with whom the child resides. Legal custody is held by the parent(s) with the authority…

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