Transport Canada proposes controversial new regulations on flight crew hours of work and rest periods

On July 1, 2017, Transport Canada published draft amendments to the CARs regarding pilot hours of work and rest periods (click here for proposed regulations). According to Transport Canada, the new regulations will improve passenger and flight crew safety as they are based on the latest science regarding fatigue and will bring Canada in line with international standards and best practices. The draft regulations are the product of over six years of work and consultation. In 2010, a joint government/industry working group studied the issue, relying on the assistance of a scientific expert in sleep and performance. Subsequently, comments were sought on three separate occasions and various meetings held with interested stakeholders. The proposed regulations would apply to CARs Subpart 703 (air taxi), 704 (commuter), and 705 (airline) operators. There are several key aspects to the proposed regulations. First, maximum annual flight time would be reduced from 1,200 to 1,000 hours.…

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