Transfer Motions in California Divorce Proceedings Filed in the Middle of the Case for a Party's Convenience (or on Other Grounds) Cannot be Granted

Dear Reader: I apologize for not providing updated materials on new and interesting topics involving California divorce for many moons, on our Enlightened Divorce Blog™. I've just been too preoccupied with the daily grind. But once in awhile something tweaks me from my Blog inactivity – like the scenario discussed in this article – and drives me to send out a voice-call because I had to figure things out from scratch and I feel the need to help others to not get stuck in the cul-de-sacs, when I realize I've found myself there and found the escape. This Blog article is on an obscure question, and I'd say don't read further unless you found yourself here because you have a venue change or a venue transfer issue People may file a divorce action in one county within California based upon their town of residency (or a child's residency), and then later one party may move to another location, for a whole host of reasons. This …

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