Tracy Green, White Collar Expert Interview, on Special Counsel Investigation, Michael Cohen, FEC Issues, Etc. With Free Press Journalist Heidi Cuda

Dateline: Los Angeles, August 23, 2018. Independent investigative reporter and Free Press activist Heidi Cuda interviewed me to break down the prosecution tactics of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team. This is a "low-tech" interview that we set up impromptu via Skype…so hopefully the lags and tech issues don't bother you too much and you can listen to it like a podcast. Here's a link to the interview which is posted on YouTube and entitled: "ABUSE OF LOYALTY": Free Press Intervu with White Collar Crime Expert Tracy Green"I did my best, in a "just the facts, m'am" approach without being partisan to explain how the prosecution thinks and why these cases are so challenging. Regardless of political issues, I'm a believer in due process and I hoped to shed light on why Mueller as Special Counsel has proceeded in this manner so far and what we can expect as citizens watching from the armchair. By the way, to read…

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