Toxic Libations

Has anyone tried these and lived to tell about it? Some people prefer the organic or biodynamic, Others, apparently, lean toward the toxic or deadly. It is nice to see TTB giving consumers some credit for being able to put things in context, and for recognizing that nobody will force them to buy either one of these products (unlike, say, health insurance or government). Toxic Sludge is an ale made by Blue Point Brewing Company of Patchogue, New York. Jersey's Toxic Waste, by contrast, is a distilled spirits specialty made by Strong Spirits, Inc., along with Line Brands of Long Branch, New Jersey. Michael Kanbar, of Strong, explains that Strong Spirits "is a contract bottling facility located in Bardstown, Kentucky, 'The Distilling Capital of the World,' and does both small and large runs and can handle specialty packaging projects." Related Posts: What's Your Poizin? (1) PimpnHo: Almond Flavored Wine (3) Pee Like a Racehorse (or an Old Woman) (1)

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